A Godfather In The Living Room

Comedy / Duration 102'
Artistic Cast

Paola Cortellesi
Rocco Papaleo
Luca Argentero
Angela Finocchiaro

Cristina is an energetic woman from Southern Italy, now transplanted to a small town in the North, where she has at last been able to make a life for herself and her picture-perfect family, including her husband Michele and their two over-achieving offspring.
One morning, Cristina is called to police headquarters, where she is stunned to find that her brother Ciro, whom she has not seen nor heard from in fifteen years, is implicated in the trial of several members of the Neapolitan mafia. To top it off, Ciro wants to spend his time under house arrest with her! Although it is against her better judgment, Cristina feels she has no choice but to accept. From that moment on, all her plans and her family’s well-ordered routines are at the mercy of Uncle Ciro, who suddenly invades their lives with his tattoos, gold chains, lazy habits and thuggish manners.
A Godfather in the Living Room is a family comedy filled with laughs but also offering poignant insight into the criminal underworld, about life in general and, in particular, about families, which, however imperfect, often turn out to be our greatest sources for true human warmth.

Technical Cast
Directed by: Luca Miniero
Story: Luca Miniero, Federica Pontremoli
Screenplay: Luca Miniero
Director of Photography: Federico Angelucci
Set Designer: Monica Vittucci
Costume designer: Eleonora Rella
Editor: Valentina Mariani
Music: Umberto Scipione
Sound: Alessandro Bianchi
Assistant director: Chantal Toesca
Line Producer: Massimo di Rocco
Production Delegate: Arianna de Chiara
Line Producer for Cattleya: Antonella Iovino
Executive Producer: Francesca Longardi
Production: Cattleya in collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia
Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz
Italian distribution: Warner Bros. Entertainment Italy