From Naples With Love

Comedy / Duration 95'
Artistic Cast

Serena Rossi
Luigi Esposito
Gennaro Guazzo
Salvatore Mizzicone

Ciro’s father, a popular Neapolitan singer, dies trying to stage dive during a performance. After this unfortunate episode, Ciro, usually blessed with a very healthy appetite, stops eating altogether. His mother Deborah, extremely worried about the boy’s health, brings him to Tommaso, a shy and clumsy child psychologist, who discovers that Ciro’s troubles also stem from his first crush, on his beautiful classmate Ludovica. Soon doctor and patient make a deal: Tommaso will help Ciro to get Ludovica’s attention, and, in return, Ciro will help make Deborah fall in love with Tommaso.

Technical Cast
Directed By: Gianluca Ansanelli
Story: Gianluca Ansanelli
Screenplay: Gianluca Ansanelli Tito Buffulini
Casting: Marita D’elia (U.i.d.c.)
Assistant Director: Sergio Panariello
Script Supervisor: Francesco Riva
Costume Designer: Rossella Aprea
Set Designer: Antonio Farina
Sound: Simone Costantino
Music: Gianni Gallo And Maurizio Bosnia
Editor: Lorenzo Peluso
Director Of Photography: Francesco Di Giacomo
Production Manager: Fabio Lombardelli
Line Producers: Alessandro Cannavale, Andrea Cannavale
Line Producer For Cattleya: Matteo De Laurentiis
Executive Producer: Arianna De Chiara
Made By: Run Film For Cattleya
Produced By: Cattleya And Buonaluna With Rai Cinema
Produced By: Alessandro Siani, Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz, Francesca Longardi
Italian Distribution: 01 Distribution