Oggi Sposi

commedia / Duration 114'
Artistic Cast

Luca Argentero
Moran Atias
Dario Bandiera
Carolina Crescentini

Four weddings, lots of misadventures and just one goal: getting to the altar to say “I do”.
Nicola, a talented cop from the Southern region of Apulia, with a Don Juan past is about to settle down and marry the lovely daughter of the Indian Ambassador. There is only one hurdle on his road to happiness – getting his father Sabino an old-fashioned farmer, to accept that his own son will marry according to the traditional Hindu rite. In the meantime Salvatore and Chiara, two precarious young workers without a cent to their names and a baby on the way, have set the wheels in motion on a plan to get a free ride: sneaking their 72 guests to the reception for the wedding¬†of the year between the dashing actress Sabrina and the finance magnate Attilio Panecci. What they do not know is that Fabio Di Caio, a Roman prosecutor, is planning on doing exactly the same.¬† While he has been investigating Panecci’s suspicious activities, Di Caio is trying to talk his elderly father out from marrying his new beau, a massage therapist in her 20s.

Technical Cast
Director: Luca Lucini
Treatment By: Fausto Brizzi, Marco Martani, Fabio Bonifacci
Screenplay: Fabio Bonifacci with The Collaboration Of Fausto Brizzi And Marco Martani
Set Designer: Marco Belluzzi
Costumes: Roberto Chiocchi
Director Of Photography: Manfredo Archinto
Sound: Maurizio Argentieri
Editor: Fabrizio Rossetti
Music: Giuliano Taviani and Carmelo Travia
Production Coordinator: Roberto Todeschi
Line Producer: Luigi Patrizi
Line Producers Cattleya: Matteo De Laurentiis, Antonella Iovino
Production: Cattleya
Produced By: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz
Italian Distribution: Universal Pictures, International Italy