Messy Christmas

Commedia / Duration 100'
Artistic Cast

Claudio Bisio
Alessandro Gassmann
Angela Finocchiaro
Nabiha Akkari

On the small Mediterranean island of Porto Buio, the live nativity scene is the traditional event of every Christmas there. But this year the child who has played the baby Jesus for years has fully outgrown the role, and since the island’s birth rate has been zero for years, the only solution which the new mayor has come up with is to change Jesus’s nationality. And maybe even his religion!!

Technical Cast
Directed by: Luca Miniero
Story: Luca Miniero and Astutillo Smeriglia
Screenplay: Sandro Petraglia, Luca Miniero, Astutillo Smeriglia
Director of photography: Daniele Ciprì
Set designer: Francesco Frigeri
Costume designer: Francesca Livia Sartori
Edit: Francesca Calvelli
Music by: Pasquale Catalano
Sound: Maurizio Argentieri
Assistant director: Chantal Toesca
Casting: Claudia Marotti
Production manager: Giuseppe Pugliese
Producer: Arianna de Chiara
Executives Producers for BARTLEBYFILM: Massimo di Rocco and Luigi Napoleone
Produced by: Cattleya with Rai Cinema
Production Supervisor: Francesca Longardi
Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz