The Perfect Man

Commedia / Duration 95'
Artistic Cast

Francesca Inaudi
Riccardo Scamarcio
Gabriella Pession
Giampaolo Morelli

Lucia, a young and brilliant publicist, is on the wrong side of a typical love triangle: Paolo, the friend she has been secretly in love with since childhood, is about to marry her best friend Maria.
Lucia begins a crusade to take the place that she thinks belongs to her, as Paolo’s wife. To achieve her goal, she hires a broke actor, Antonio, and models him according to Maria’s tastes, making him the perfect man to seduce her best friend.
In a fast-paced story of wild misunderstandings and encounters and thanks to Lucia’s expert guidance of Antonio, everything goes to plan, and Maria forgets about her wedding to Paolo.
But then the plan changes.

Technical Cast