Lezioni Di Volo

Drammatico / Duration 106'
Artistic Cast

Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Andrea Miglio Risi
Tom Karumathy
Anna Galiena

“Chicken” and “Curry” are two schoolmates whose nicknames reflect that they are always together. After failing their high school finals, they try to deflect the wrath of their families by claiming that Curry (an adopted Indian boy) is suffering from an identity crisis and needs to go to India (in the company of his inseparable friend) to discover his roots. The scheme works. The two leave for India, but the trip turns out to be completely different from what they had imagined. Chicken falls in love with a considerably older doctor who works for Doctors without Borders while Curry first rejects India but then becomes enthralled by it.

Technical Cast
Directed by: Francesca Archibugi
Screenplay: Doriana Leondeff and Francesca Archibugi
Director of photography: Pasquale Mari
Music: Battista Lena
Sound: Giancarlo Dellapina
Costumes: Sonoo Deenanath Mishra, Alessandro Lai
Set designer: Davide Bassan
Editor: Esmeralda Calabria, Jacopo Quadri
Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Guido De Laurentiis, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz
Production: Cattleya
In collaboration with: Rai Cinema
Co-production: Aquarius Films (UK), Khussro Films (India), Babe Films (Francia)
In collaboration with: Cinemello