Lezioni Di Cioccolato 2

Commedia / Duration 103'
Artistic Cast

Luca Argentero
Hassani Shapi
Nabiha Akkari
Angela Finocchiaro

Kamal and Mattia’s lives took different paths after they won a competition for “chocolate makers” in Lezioni di Cioccolato: Mattia went back into the construction business but has little work, while Kamal opened a chocolate shop but has no customers. These two former friends’ paths are about to cross again: Kamal has a new, ambitious plan for making chocolates, and Mattia wants in, even if he has to go back to pretending to be Egyptian. But Kamal still does not trust him, especially now that his beautiful daughter Nawal has returned from studying abroad. The last thing he wants is for her to get caught up with a womanizer like Mattia. It will not be long before things get complicated, and, once again, among all the misunderstandings and plot twists, only chocolate can bring everyone together.

Technical Cast
Directed By: Alessio Maria Federici
Story and Screenplay: Fabio Bonifacci
Casting: Barbara Giordani Claudia Marotti
Sound: Maurizio Argentieri
Set Designer: Totoi Santoro
Costumes: Roberto Chiocchi
Assistant Director: Laura Greco
Music By: Francesco Cerasi
Editor: Cecilia Zanuso
Director Of Photography: Massimiliano Gatti
Production Manager: Roberto Todeschi
Line Producer: Luigi Patrizi
Line Producer For Cattleya: Antonella Iovino
Production Delegate: Gianluca Leoncini
Executive Producer: Francesca Longardi
Produced By: Cattleya
In Association With: Fastfilm
Produced By: Riccardo Tozzi Giovanni Stabilini Marco Chimenz
Italian Distribution: Universal Pictures International