Love, Soccer and Other Catastrophes

Commedia / Duration 115'
Artistic Cast

Claudio Bisio
Angela Finocchiaro
Filippo Nigro
Claudia Pandolfi

For our story’s main characters, whatever may happen in their lives, they will never miss their weekly match of five-on-five soccer. Vittorio, owner of a small business; Adam, his son and a tattoo artist; Piero a university student; Lele, a factory worker; Mina, a journalist; and Filippo, an executive – Each man is quite different than the other, yet each is linked to the other through their shared passion.

On the field, the team suddenly stops working, however. Each is showing up with his own personal problems, and the result is that they are starting to lose their matches. Only by straightening out the problems in their love lives and defining new roles for themselves can each player realize his potential, in life as in sport.

Thus, Vittorio, a serial adulterer, finds that real happiness is right next to him – in his own marriage. Piero, who usually designs all the team’s plays, learns to accept even the most spontaneous surprises – including an unexpected pregnancy. Lele, a tireless runner, understands how important it is sometimes to stop moving and take a look around him, even resting to talk and listen to his wife. And Adam, who has always tried to escape any level of responsibility, realizes that serenity is constructed through precise decisions and the acceptance of the consequences of those decisions.

Technical Cast
Directed by: Luca Lucini
Story: Fabio Bonifacci, Luca Lucini
Screenplay: Fabio Bonifacci
Costumes: Sabina Maglia
Set Designer: Marco Belluzzi
Sound: Tiziano Crotti
Director of Photography: Manfredo Archinto
Editor: Fabrizio Rossetti
Line Producer: Luigi Patrizi
Line producer for Cattleya: Matteo De Laurentiis
Executive Producer: Francesca Longardi
Italian distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures
Production: Cattleya
Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz