Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi

Comedy / Duration 93'
Artistic Cast

Beatrice Arnera
Ruzzo Simone
Fabio Balsamo
Alfredo Felco

Stay or go? Follow your dreams or accept whatever job you can get? Peas or fava beans?
And, above all, is it easier to find a job in Italy or in outer space?
Following the success of online shorts Lost in Google, Gli Effetti di Gomorra sulla Gente and Gay Ingenui, comedy collective The Jackal make their debut on the big screen with a compelling sci-fi comedy.
After trying to do just about everything else imaginable to find a job, Ciro, a highly-skilled graphic designer, specialized in having doors slammed in his face and many other failures, decides to enroll in a contest.  Without taking it too seriously he sends a job application to aliens.  And yet, much to his surprise…
Adios Freakin’ Monsters from Venus perfectly embodies The Jackal’s surrealist, creative spirit and irreverent humor.
Naples, spaceships, aliens and special effects. An odyssey on Earth and in space to tell a story about love and friendship and, above all, about the drive to express your talent and make your dreams come true. Anywhere. At any price. Because being in space means never having to say you’re sorry.

Technical Cast
Director: Francesco Ebbasta
Assistant Director: Fabrizio Imparato
Screenplay: Valerio Cilio, Francesco Ebbasta, Marco Sani, Fausto Rio
Storyline: Francesco Ebbasta, Alfredo Felco, Ruzzo Simone, Valerio Cilio
Produced by: Simone Russo, Francesca Longardi

Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz 

Executives Producers: The Jackal

Production Delegate for The Jackal: Vincenzo Piscopo

Executive Producer for Cattleya: Matteo De Laurentiis 

Produttore delegato per Cattleya: Serena Sostegni

Edited by: Francesco Ebbasta 

Edit Assistant: Nicola Verre

Edit Supervisor: Luigi Mearelli 

Music: Michele Braga

Sound: Emanuele Cecere 

Costume Designer: Vanessa Sannino

Photography: Francesco Di Giacomo

Set Designer: Antonella Di Martino 

Casting Director: Sara Casani 

General Organization: Andrea Leone

A Production: Cattleya e The Jackal
 con Rai Cinema

Distribution: 01 Distribution