Gomorrah The Series 3

Crime / Duration 50'
Artistic Cast

Marco D'Amore
Salvatore Esposito
Cristina Donadio
Cristiana Dell’Anna
Gianfranco Gallo
Ivana Lotito

The third season resumes from Don Pietro death: someone must replace him as soon as possible before the news of his murder spreads and North Naples returns to be a powder. Ciro is forced to going away, everyone is looking for him, they know he was the one who pushed the trigger. But Immortal has completely lost his strength to fight: after trying to become Scampia King, head of the Scissionists, he had to bury his daughter, victim of his own ambition, and Secondigliano became the site of his ghosts. It’s not his home anymore and he has to go. Meanwhile, Genny has to figure out how to manage the legacy of Naples North with his new life in the capital. He knows that the power of Savastano is founded on the Secondigliano control, but it’s no longer the same…

Technical Cast
Directed By: Claudio Cupellini And Francesca Comencini
Story Editing By: Leonardo Fasoli
Storyline By: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Roberto Saviano
Written By: Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Ludovica Rampoldi
Storyline Episode: Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Roberto Saviano
Screenplay: Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Ludovica Rampoldi
Casting: Laura Muccino, Davide Zurolo
Director Of Photography: Vittorio Omodeo Zorini, Ivan Casalgrandi Vittorio Omodeo Zorini, Ivan Casalgrand
Serie Set Designer: Paki Meduri
Set Designer: Carmine Guarino, Alessandra Mura
Editing: Patrizio Marone
Editing Collaboration: Andrea Prosperi
Assistant Director Scene Action And Second Unit Director: Enrico Rosati
Assistant Director And Second Unit Director: Ciro Visco
Assistant Director: Lorenzo Grasso
Special Effects: Luca Ricci
Stunt Coordinator: Alessandro Borgese
Costume Supervisor: Veronica Fragola
Costume Designer: Susanna Mastroianni
Sound: Alessandro Bianchi
Music: Mokadelic
General Organization: Alessia Sinistro
Production Delegate: Gianluca Leoncini
Executive Producer: Matteo De Laurentiis
Executive Producer Sky: Nils Hartmann, Roberto Amoroso, Sonia Rovai
Produced By: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz, Gina Gardini
Distribution: Beta Film