Gomorrah The Series 2

Crime / Duration 50'
Artistic Cast

Marco D'Amore
Fortunato Cerlino
Salvatore Esposito
Marco Palvetti

Season one ended on a gaping power vacuum: organized crime kingpin Pietro Savastano breaking out of a prison van; Genny’s boys killed in an ambush by rival Conte and Ciro shooting Genny: it looks like the Savastano’s previously unchallenged rule over all of northern Naples has come to an end, with all the players left on the field to fighting over the remains of the kingdom.
Leading an array of contenders is Ciro, “the Immortal”, who does not waste any time in weaving
his shadowy plots, exploring old and new alliances, with a master plan in mind: to achieve his long-envisioned big break. His goal has never been so close. Then there’s Conte, who came back from exile in the first season to propose a new alliance to families once close to the Savastanos: now he
wants them to choose. It is supposedly an alliance of equals, but Conte’s strength and charisma make him an obvious standout to take the lead.
Then again, there are Malamò and a spattered crew of “soldiers” who are still loyal to the Savastano family, and presently live under siege in a few houses, apparently doomed to be crushed to death by the rising Alliance. They are waiting for Don Pietro, faithful to the end.
And finally there is still Genny, Don Pietro’s own flesh and blood, currently fighting between life and death. He’s the one who ruled in his father’s absence just to see an empire built in twenty years of hard work crashed down in a few fateful months. Conte, Pietro, Genny and Ciro. Four men, and a network of relations, along the lines of blood, love, hate and revenge.
Two women enter the fight: Scianel and Patrizia. The first inherited her brother’s dealing spot and she’s tough, suspicious and ruthless. The second is a strong young girl who grew up too quickly and who’s able to become, at the time of need, a real lioness. There’s only one certainty about the future: it will belong to the one who will forge the strongest alliance – or maybe the least predictable.

Technical Cast
Produced by: Sky Atlantic, Cattleya, Fandango, in collaboration with Beta Film
Artistic direction: Stefano Sollima
Story editor: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli
Story by: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Roberto Saviano
Directed by: Stefano Sollima (ep. 1, 2, 3), Claudio Cupellini (ep. 5, 6,11,12), Francesca Comencini (ep. 4, 9, 10), Claudio Giovannesi (ep. 7, 8)
Screenplay: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Ludovica Rampoldi, Maddalena Ravagli
Casting director: Laura Muccino
Cinematography: Paolo Carnera
Production design: Paki Meduri
Editor: Patrizio Marone
Assistant editor: Andrea Prosperi
Assistant director: Enrico Rosati, Lorenzo Grasso, Ciro Visco
Special effects: Luca Ricci
Stunt coordinator: Alessandro Borgese
Costum design: Veronica Fragola
Sound: Maricetta Lombardo
Music: Mokadelic
Line producer: Francesco Morbilli
Executive producer: Matteo De Laurentiis
Fandango’s production officer: Laura Paolucci, Andrea Salerno
Produced by: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz, Gina Gardini
International distributor: Beta Film
Italian broadcast: Sky Italia