Suburra The Series 2

Crime Thriller / Duration 50'
Artistic Cast

Alessandro Borghi: Aureliano Adami
Giacomo Ferrara: Alberto Anacleti / Spadino
Eduardo Valdarnini: Gabriele Marchilli
Francesco Acquaroli: Samurai
Filippo Nigro: Amedeo Cinaglia
Claudia Gerini: Sara Monaschi
Barbara Chichiarelli: Livia Adami
Paola Sotgiu: Adelaide Anacleti
Carlotta Antonelli: Angelica Anacleti
Jacopo Venturiero: Adriano Latelli
Rosa Diletta Rossi: Alice Cinaglia
Federica Sabatini: Nadia Gravoni
Cristina Pelliccia: Cristiana Massoli

The price of power is the key focus of Suburra, The Series S2. It is set in Rome three months after the end of the first season and it takes place over the 15 days leading up to the election of the new major in Rome. The deadly battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican is even stronger and the protagonists are more and more ambitious.
The first season was focused on the Vatican and on Ostia lands, while this new season is mainly focused on the fight to achieve the control of Rome.
Our protagonists are different too: in the first season they wanted to emancipate from their fathers, older brothers or lumbering families, while in this second season they are more adult, aware of who they are and what they want to reach, being even more combative.
This time the stake is higher: Rome. To achieve its control, they are willing to lose anything.
Even more than the first season, the second one is characterized by strong female protagonists, who govern, take decision, orchestrate, strive for power and know how to get it.

Technical Cast
An original TV Series by: NETFLIX
Production by: Cattleya e Bartlebyfilm in collaboration with Rai Fiction
Executive Producers: Riccardo Tozzi, Gina Gardini, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz
Directed by: Andrea Molaioli, Piero Messina
Head writer: Barbara Petronio
Stories by: Barbara Petronio, Ezio Abbate, Fabrizio Bettelli
Teleplays by: Barbara Petronio, Ezio Abbate, Fabrizio Bettelli, Camilla Buizza
Based on the book "Suburra" written by: Giancarlo De Cataldo e Carlo Bonini, published da Giulio Einaudi Editori
Based on the film by: Stefano Sollima
Story Editing: Giancarlo De Cataldo, Carlo Bonini
Production Manager: Alberto Sammarco
Director of . Photography: Arnaldo Catinari
Edited by: Patrizio Marone, Lorenzo Peluso
Production Designer: Paola Comencini
Costumes by: Marina Roberti
Casting: Laura Muccino, Sara Casani
Stunt Coordinator: Alessandro Borgese
Sound technician: Valentino Giannì
Director of Photography second unit: Fabrizio Vicari
Production Delegate: Kim Gualino
Line Producer: Matteo De Laurentiis
Executive Producers: Erik Barmack, Kelly Luegenbiehl, Jennifer Breslow
Rai Producers: Sara Polese, Filippo Rizzello